EireComposites, crucial to test the full-scale wind blade prototype

01 February 2024

Why did you join the MAREWIND project and what’s your role?

EireComposites joined the project because our company’s objectives perfectly align with its goals. Specifically, we aim to use composite materials with improved functionality to reduce weight, CAPEX and O&M costs associated with composite components within the renewable wind energy industry, and minimise the environmental footprint.

Our role in the project is to manufacture and test newly formulated composites across various levels: from coupon and small-scale breadboard/demonstrator testing to the final full-scale wind blade prototype.

As a composite manufacturer, how are you contributing to the European renewable energy targets?

We are helping increase the renewable energy capacity of Europe by supplying commercial horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) blades. Additionally, we actively participate in R&D initiatives aimed at introducing tidal turbines, river turbines, and vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) to further diversify and enhance the European renewable energy market.

What are the main results/contributions you have achieved/you expect to achieve as partner in the MAREWIND project?

We have significantly reduce the risk associated with the chosen TPR resin intended for the full-scale 13-meter wind blade prototype by successfully manufacturing a 5 m long wind blade demonstrator, which is now prepared for structural testing.

5m CETMA-TPR demonstrator

Our next steps involve the manufacturing and testing of the full-scale wind blade prototype, where we will evaluate its structural performance. This phase also includes the validation of a numerical model developed as part of the MAREWIND project.

Is EireComposites also applying similar solutions in different renewable energy sectors? If so, could you provide a few examples?

At the moment we are collaborating on other nationally funded projects which are applying similar solutions within the same sector. However, we are open to applying similar solutions for the river and tidal energy sectors on future projects.

How do you see the future of the MAREWIND project?

Upon successful completion of the MAREWIND project, we believe a follow-on European funded project will be awarded to continue the synergy developed among the highly accomplished consortium partners to help increase the TRL level of the developed products toward commercialisation.