The project is run by a consortium of 16 partners from 7 European countries, representing leading business, technological and research organizations, and institutions across the Europe. The project coordinator Lurederra Technology Centre (Spain), will oversee the project’s implementation plan of 9 work packages for duration of 4 years. The involved partners cover the whole value chain on offshore wind and therefore will validate prototypes, results and costs along the project under accelerated testing and in real environment.



Lurederra Foundation for Technical and Social Development is a non-profit, private Technological Centre created in June 1999 by the association of several public authorities, financial organizations, RTD organizations and companies in diverse productive fields, totaling more than 20 independent entities. Lurederra performs activities of RTD on behalf of the industries and other economical agents within its sphere of influence, followed by implementation of the innovations developed at their production sites.

Main tasks and responsibilities

Due to a long history in coordination of European proposals, Lurederra is responsible for the overall technical and administrative coordination of MAREWIND. At a technical level, they will lead the development and testing at laboratory of anticorrosion and antifouling coatings, as well as will work in easy to apply coating systems for repair.


TWI is one of the world-leading not-for-profit research and technology organisations with a turnover in 2016 of £60m (€69 million). From bases in the UK, South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Central Asia and USA, over 900 staff provide expertise in joining and fabrication, material science and structural integrity. Services include generic research; contract R&D; technical information; engineering services and advice; standard development; training and qualification services.

Main tasks and Responsibilities:

The main contribution of TWI will be the development of a multi-functional erosion resistant/super hydrophobic paint to address the absolute necessity of erosion resistance while at the same time improving long term aerodynamic efficiency. It will also focus on validation testing of antierosion superhydrophobic PU coating.


CETMA is among the largest private non-profit research centres in Italy with 24 years of experience supporting the innovation processes of industrial enterprises. CETMA’s mission is to increase and integrate enabling technologies such as Materials and Structures Engineering, Information Technology, Industrial Design, so that it positions itself as a multidisciplinary product development centre.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

CETMA will be involved in development and validation activities for: the blade reinforcement by experimenting the use of recycled carbon fibres and numerical models for the optimization of production process; new recyclable materials development for blade manufacturing; synthesis of new concrete materials to develop mixtures 100% cement free based on AAM. CETMA will also take part in the Structural Health Monitoring definition by means of sensorizing FRP rebar with fibre optic sensors to be integrated into concrete components.


The Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (INEGI) from the University of Porto (Portugal) is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization. INEGI is an interface Institution between University and Industry, oriented to the activities of Research and Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer. With 35 years of experience, the organization relies on 3 pillars of activity: research, innovation and consulting.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

INEGI will be involved in defining the requirements related with monitoring and predictive, full field measuring techniques of wind blade working conditions, and modelling of GBS structure and influence on testing materials. It will also contribute to the validation testing of blade components and manufacture of prototypes, GBS demo prototype preparation and demonstration of full field measuring techniques at wind farm. INEGI will also participate on testing of concrete materials prototypes and coatings.


IDENER Research & Development is the R&D division of the company IDENER, centralising the research activities of the company. IDENER investigates in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Science and its application to the optimization of systems and processes in key areas: Industrial Technologies; ICTs; Biotechnology; Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy; and Resource and Raw Materials Efficiency. With the purpose to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of complex systems, IDENER integrates concepts from four interrelated and complementary areas: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation; Multidisciplinary Design Optimization; Control Engineering; and Software Engineering.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

IDENER will develop and implement existing predictive corrosion models for coated offshore infrastructures considering climatic changing conditions.


The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is the first, and so far, the only, fully international research organization in Europe in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. INL is an international intergovernmental organization with the mission to perform cutting-edge research and development in interdisciplinary nanotechnology and to function as an innovation integrator in multiple application domains.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

INL will be responsible for development of a coating with self-healing properties. It will develop nano/microcontainers able to effectively encapsulate the desired active materials, successfully maintaining them in the inner cavity during long time periods and preventing their leakage into the environment surrounding the container.


TECNAN was created in 2007 with the aim of producing and commercializing simple and complex high-performance nano-oxides for multi-sectorial applications at industrial scale. This business-oriented concept has resulted in the emergence of TECNAN as one of the most competitive suppliers of these new materials throughout Europe. The flexibility of the production techniques employed by TECNAN enables a broad-range preparation of nanomaterials according to the requirements of its clients. Main tasks and Responsibilities TECNAN will act as key company interested in the industrial production and commercialisation of the new anticorrosion and antifouling coating range.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

TECNAN will act as key company interested in the industrial production and commercialisation of the new anticorrosion and antifouling coating range.


ÉireComposites is an accredited composite manufacturing and testing company with long term manufacturing contracts with leading aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Besides aerospace, ÉireComposites is involved in lightweight, high performance fibre-reinforced composite materials in the renewable energy, marine and automotive sectors.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

ÉireComposites’ major contribution in MAREWIND is as an SME partner and wind blade manufacturer. The company will design the wind blade component required for the erosion and other failure mode studies. ÉireComposites, along with other industry partners, will be responsible to ensure that the project is run as close to-market as possible.


TSF started its commercial path in 1996 with its chief activity focused on the marketing of auto parts, fastening elements for wind-power etc. TSF has achieved a broad market that exports 88% of its production to the main European industries. TSF is focused on fastening elements and they are specialised in high precision CNC Machining and Technical Welded Construction Equipment Assembly, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing in addition to engineering, calculation and integral logistics of fasteners.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

The fastening elements from TSF company are one of the key demonstrative applications of the MAREWIND project, therefore their involvement starts with selecting which specific references from wind-power sectors will be coated along the project based on their market experience. TSF will be responsible of the coating applications of selected fastening elements to be done in their facilities, analysing the process and resulting performance of the coated fastening elements. In the same way, they will participate in validation testing with their new coated elements. TSF will contribute to the analysis of the global viability of the new coated elements as well as the fulfilment of the target properties for the coated elements as for instance the highly demanding cycling tests from wind energy sector.


ACCIONA Construcción is a leading European construction company designing, constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover in 2015 was about 2.170 million €, employing 9.412 people.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

ACC will have a very active role as will be involved in:

  • Definition of durability, fresh and mechanical requirements for the design of UHPFRC/HPFRC concretes for long service life in offshore structures.
  • Participation in synthesis of new concrete materials such as UHPFRC/HPFRC, their testing of increased durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Preparation, development and testing of mid-scale Prototype

Apart from these activities, ACC will also take part in scalability of pre-cast and cast-in-place manufacturing


Naval Energies is a leader in Marine Renewable Energy, with design, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance of systems or subsystems in the marine renewable energy domain through the creation of value all along the chain. Naval Energies has a strong know-how in industrialization and provides optimized solutions regarding fabrication and deployment and offers an industrial response to local energy policies with the deployment of strategic partnerships.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

NAVAL will be mainly involved in the definition of requirements for new materials and predictive monitoring, definition of standards and specifications for demonstration sites. It will also carry out activities related to the technologies validation in relevant environment and technologies demonstration in relevant environment.


The EDF Group is one of the world leading electricity companies. Present in over 30 countries, it is particularly well established in Europe, where it supplies with power near 39 million customers. In 2019, EDF produced 558 TWh of electricity with a turnover of €71.3 billion. Its business and that of its subsidiaries covers all electricity-based activities from generation to retail, including power transmission and distribution, trading, and services.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

EDF will contribute to user requirements definition, experimental protocol development (to ensure the tests are in accordance with standards and best practices) and results analysis on corrosion, biofouling, UHPC, blades, recycling, and SHM.


KOSHKIL SYSTEMS has 10 years of experience in providing service and support to the wind energy market. The services KOSHKIL provides, among others, are: technical training for maintenance technicians, technical consultancy/ support for windmill technicians & operators, commissioning and maintenance of windmills, wind turbine parts repair, in-house development of diagnosis and repair equipment used to repair parts.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

Koshkil will be involved in the demonstration of some of the technologies developed in the project: anticorrosion coatings, antierosion coatings, and monitoring technologies. KOSHKIL will be also very active in first testing evaluation of results to fulfil the specific and ambitious requirements of new technologies to be applied in the wind energy sector


RINA is a global corporation that provides services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 200 offices in 70 countries. Through its 3.800 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high-quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

Rina consulting will lead the technical validation activities of the MAREWIND results that will be performed according to environmental economic and social impact assessment (LCA. LCC, SLCA). Moreover, RINA will be involved with the modeling and predicting response to environmental condition of the composite structures for blades.


PNO Innovation is specialized in Innovation Management and funding, providing support services to private and public organizations in Innovation processes, Technology Transfer, IT solutions and funding for research, development and innovation.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

PNO will lead Exploitation of Results activities and will bring its international consulting experience into the consortium including extensive project and innovation management, exploitation and business planning expertise. A particular focus will be given to value chain stakeholders analysis, to identify and engage relevant stakeholders for further exploitation activities, as well as market and business analysis to support the consortium into bringing the Key Exploitable Results closer to the market.


EWF is a European organisation established as an international non-profit association that acts as a representative of manufacturing community in Europe, providing the exchange of scientific and technical information and contributing to the removal of technical barriers. EWF, was created in 1992 by all the welding institutes of the European Community with the aim of updating and harmonisation training and education in the field of welding technology.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

EWF will deal with Standardisation and regulatory activities and Dissemination, Exploitation and Training.


EnerOcean S.L. is a marine engineering, research intensive SME founded in 2007 based in Málaga and Gran Canaria (Spain). The company has an international set of promoters with knowledge and experience in offshore oil & gas, manufacturing, energy and civil engineering industries. We are the developers of W2Power, the first twin turbine floating solution to be successfully tested at open sea in the World. EnerOcean is a SME focused in all kinds of Marine Renewable Energies from feasibility to promotion of installations. Currently active in national and international projects related to off-shore wind, wave and tidal energy conversion and supporting technologies, especially monitoring, control and maintenance.

Main tasks and Responsibilities

ENEROCEAN will have a remarkable role regarding the validation of various technologies in relevant environment, including both controlled scenarios and real conditions. Concretely, it could be highlighted the monitoring, application and demonstration of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling functional coatings using structures developed by them.